Monday, May 14, 2012

red velvet cupcake ~ nigella's recipe

assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt

my lill sis bday was on 12th May 2012.
she requested for a red velvet cake
i've been wanting to try out nigella's rvcc recipe
so, that's what i did for lill sis..
glad she likes it :)
happy birthday dell-legedi-godell!
go dell do! may all your dreams come true..
and may Allah bless you everyday along the way!

hmm.. apekah rasanya?

am so lazy to type out the recipe from nigella's KITCHEN book
alhamdulillah.. its so easy to find the recipe from the web
this cuppies are meant for sharing..
10 goes to the birthday girl
6 goes to my x-colleague
2 goes to another colleague
1 goes into luqman's tummy
the last one, i believe will be adikkecik's ;)

uuu... yummy!


somuffins said...

assalam June
I never tried baking RVC but my doter dah buat 2x ikut resipi kawan dia.

Nigella's recipe, adakah keknya terlalu manis?? You ada kurangkan qty gulanya x? Thanks.

mrs plain-june said...

wslm kak cs. this nigella's recipe tak manis langsung save for the icing. tapi saya reduce jugak 20g the sugar in the cake. dah jadi macam habit.. dpt resepi matsaleh, kurangkan 10-20g of sugar. tapi kalau tak reduce pun still okay kot?

mrs plain-june said...

lupalak.. tastewise, i prefer hummingbird's rvcc:
more moist & dense.

syud said...

salam kak....TQVM for the red velvet Cuppies... saya sukaa... tp lmbt dpt.. sbb meor asik telupa nk bwk balik..apa2pun.. sgtt sedappp.. thanks again kak..

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