Thursday, February 18, 2010

mississipi mud cake

i was looking for recipes to bake..
simple recipe..

intended to make a scones..
but ran out of milk :(

intended to make a whitebread..
but ran out of milk :(

this mud cake is the chosen one
just because it stated: nice to be served with ice cream..

yes! we're in a very hot weather condition..
ice cream is just what we need!!

what i didnt realize is how easy making this cake!

let your mixer go back to sleep
you just need a wooden spoon

  • 250gm(9oz) butter
  • 175gm(6oz) chocolate bar
  • 340gm(12oz) brown sugar <-- i use 300gm only
  • 300ml(10oz) hot water
  • 1tbs coffee
  • 200gm(7oz) all purpose flour
  • 55gm(2oz) self raising flour
  • 55gm(2oz) cocoa powder
  • 2eggs
  • icing sugar -- for deco


  1. preheat oven to 160C. grease 9inch pan and line with parchment paper
  2. double boil the combination of butter, chocolate, brown sugar, hot water & coffee until everything is dissolved. let it cool for 15mins.
  3. sift the dry ingredients: flours & cocoa powder into the chocolate mixture.
  4. add eggs. stir well. pour into the prepared pan. bake 1hour.
  5. let it cool before sprinkle the icing sugar on top..

super duper easy!


i added m&m chocolate in the batter --> the lessen sugar amount is recovered by the ever-sweet m&m's


i might be biased.. since i am a sucker for dense cake.. since i am a chocolate lover.. but i just LOVE IT!


the little boys love it too.. :)

just found out that mudcake had many variations! &most of them has nuts!


Wa'ah said...

this recipe kan. very similar ngan resepi brownies yg saya selalu buat. it is choey guey.. tapi yg beza tang kena tambah air tu je.

mrs plain-june said...

haha.. bila wardah mention br akak realize.. the mixing method is same with making brownies! :p
anyway, this recipe is from the chocolate book by marshall&cavendish (lupa tajuk)

Zatul Huda Abdul Karim said...

semua kek Ju nampak sedap...dok menggila kghosek blog Ju ni..macam2 tingin nak buat

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