Thursday, February 25, 2010

healthy carrot cake

i can feel my waistline increasing
i can feel my tummy kind of bloating

am i pregnant?
yep! pregnant-ing fats!

thats what happened
when you have to finish off
everything that you baked
since no one have the desire to eat it

still in baking spirit
(the baking itchiness just won't go away!)
i searched for healthy baking
and settled for this carrot cake recipe

i suppose it was listed as healthy
since sugar is substituted by honey
and only 1full egg being used
and oh! half of the flour is wholewheat flour!


when i tasted the batter..
i got a feeling..
it will taste lousy!
because the of the nutmeg amount

nutmeg is definitely an acquired taste!
or isit just me??
whois raised in a land of nutmeg..
but still couldnt get used to its taste!

but when the cake is ready..
its not as bad as expected!

pst! i added some raisins to balance out the weird nutmeg taste :p
am i back to square one? duh!

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