Wednesday, February 17, 2010

chocolate mint brownies

i made this on thursday nite..
for my boss birthday party
i dare not bake a birthday cake.. yet!
need to polish up the decorating skill 1st!

despite the over the roof sweetness..
this special brownies is amazing!

love the mint taste
love the green color sandwiched in between chocolates

it was a hectic nite..
made a zebra-bread pudding & simple chocolate dadih
couldnt even find time to grab camera!

it was a hectic weekend..
send the zebra-bread pudding to mak
within less than an hour we've headed back to the east

hectic-ity.. are the best excuse
for no image available.. :(


its too sweeeeeeettttttttt
even for a sweet-tooth person!

if you want to try it..
reduce the sugar to 3/4cups

you might be a candidate for diabetic ward :p

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