Sunday, February 28, 2010

lemon chiffon cake

its been my intention to bake
this light & airy cake

most of the recipe calls for more than 6 eggs
most of the blog i read hinting that this could be a disaster
if you make some wrong steps.. (or is it just my hunch??)

so, i've been thinking that
this cake difficulty level is high
and i dont want to waste such many eggs!

i'm jumping up & down (literally)
when i found this recipe in tasteofhome
it uses 3eggs only! yiiiiha!

but dang! my tube pan is 10inch!
i just proceed anyway
the batter fill up only 1/3 of the pan

and the result...

the most shortest chiffon cake i ever seen!
but the moistest chiffon cake i ever taste!

i swap 1tbs of water with 1tbs of lemon juice

its light but not so airy
its moist-ness is inviting & yummy!

i suppose i'm ready to head for the more eggs version

my elder daughter who only eat kek batik love it!!!
she finish up almost half of the cake!
mommy is brimming with joy & happiness :)

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