Monday, February 1, 2010

strawberry shortcake

i asked my hubby to flip through the book
and choose which one he would like to eat

my instinct does not fail me
or should i say..
i knew my hubby better than yesterday?

the recipe is quite different
it does not call for cold butter
and it is so easy

but i almost give up!
i even switched off the oven

i tend to jumble up recipes
i need time to study the recipe
jotting down. scribbling down.
just like what chef in black did

but i didn't spend time to do it
i messed up with the sugars
the batter call for castor sugar
but i added icing sugar
which should be mixed with strawberry

my instinct told me to continue
my mind told me not to waste the expensive whipping cream

i added some castor sugar to the batter
just to get a good feeling
just to get into a positive mood

the room temperature is so high
the humidity is also very high
resulting in semi-liquid batter!

still being positive
i put the bowl in the freezer
yes. freezer!
time is running out!

  • 8oz flour
  • 2oz castor sugar
  • 1tbs baking powder
  • 1/2tsp salt
  • 1cup whipping cream
  1. preheat oven to 200Celcius & grease baking pan
  2. sift flour, baking powder, salt & sugar into bowl
  3. add whipping cream
  4. mesh with fork until combined
  5. make into a log and cut about 1inch each
  6. lay the cut roll on the baking pan
  7. sprinkle castor sugar on each dough
  8. bake for 15mins
strawberry filling--
  • 500gm strawberry (i suppose its about 3-4cups)
  • 3tbs icing sugar
  1. stem the strawberry using spoon. see here howto do it.
  2. cut the strawberry to quarter or half (depends on the size)
  3. add icing sugar and mesh the strawberries with fork
  4. let it sit for 30min
  1. beat 1cup whipping cream until stiff peak are formed
  1. cut the shortcake in half (horizontally)
  2. dollop a whipping cream
  3. spoon the filling onto cream
  4. cover the top with the other half

this is the dessert that lite up my hubby's face
this is the dessert that he can finish in one serving
this is the dessert that makes me goes uuummmmmmmm.........

will add 1tbs castor sugar to the whipping cream
sweet tooth beckoning ;)

additional note:
positivity pays well :)

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