Saturday, February 27, 2010

millionaire shortbread

the 1st time i came across this title..
is in

the 2nd time i found this title..
is in my marshallcavendish 500chocolate book

i'm curious of the title..
why millionaire?
did the millionaire's like it?
do u feel like a millionaire when u bite into it?
the reasoning is not stated in wiki :(

anyhow, i decided to give it a try
using the recipe frm mrs jaworski


i never knew how a millionaire feel..
but this sweet biscuit is somewhat special..
a very satisfactory feeling..

the crusty base paired up with caramel & chocolate layer..
is something that sweet-tooth person (me) would bite & munch..
and wouldnt stop until she got tooth-ache! ouch!

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