Tuesday, June 29, 2010

next in list

simply love this vintage image!

things to bake within this 2weeks..
  1. choc angel cake or milo chiffon - untuk kakak - not sure yet when.. mid of next week?
  2. boston cream pie - anak2 yatim?? - next weekend baking project
  3. choc oatmeal cookies - bekal perhentian - wednesday (its tomorrow!!)
  4. julia child brownies - bekal perhentian - thursday
  5. lemon poppy seed quikbread - dept meeting - thursday
  6. cheesecake bar/square - staff meeting - friday next next week (make on thursday nite)
  7. chilled oreo cheesecake - sapa mau makan ni?? scrap it?? or make this for staff meeting?
  8. haiyoo.. accidentally found this gorgeous yummy looking cake & cant stop drooling-lah!
  9. oh! how can i forgot this mocha muffins! been dreaming of it since last nite! - morning bakes for breakfast in the office :)
need to buy:
  1. 21/23cm fluted tube pan
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. just finishing up the remaining plain yogurt!
  6. -
  7. whipping cream
  8. more oreos!! and a bundt pan!
  9. sour cream.. pls come to me...........
aite! hope i can make it happen! INSYAALLAH!

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