Saturday, January 16, 2010


i failed..
i failed again..
and again.

THREE times!

the easiest thing to make
the easiest recipe to bake

1. chocolate muffin
2. banana choc chip muffin
3. kiwi yogurt muffin

all of you guys turn out hard. and crusty.

i know. blame the temperature setting.

but three times??

now please pity me.
pity me please..

i didn't throw them away
even tho they wont crumble when they hit the wall

i love leftovers
i love to upcycle leftovers

they are categorized as leftovers
since nobody want to eat them
since nobody can eat them

i upcycled them into a dessert:

can you see the cut-out of the muffins down there?

  • failed & hard-to-break muffins
  • 4tbs custard powder
  • 1/2cup warm water
  • 4tbs sugar (the sweetness is up to your tastebud)
  • 1cup fresh milk
  • 1/2cup chocolate kisses


  1. heat milk and sugar in saucepan
  2. dissolve custard in 1/2cup water
  3. once the milk come to boil, pour custard into the milk mixture
  4. add in chocolate kisses
  5. stir to boil again
  6. if you like thicker consistency, add more custard powder
  7. pour the mixture into layers of hard-knock muffins
  8. cool it off in fridge
  9. pour whipping cream before you dig into them


i will purposely make a failed muffin again
so that i can make more muffin-failure-trifle

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