Thursday, January 28, 2010

red velvet cake

my sister, who live faraway up north
is coming down for a meeting
she saw this cake in CPK menu
i made a promise.. moons ago..
to make this cake specially for her

the night before
i flipped through betty crocker cookbook
i came across whipping cream beating method
it has pictures of:
1. underbeat
2. normal
3. overbeat

with the recipe from my favorite reference
i was so determined on making it right!

i was this (an inch) close to get it right!
no. it was just not my day :(

but i just proceed..
with the over-beaten whipping cream..
what do you expect?
its expensive!
yes. i live in malaysia.
all things imported are da*n expensive
sorry. just can't help cursing :(
but i love my country. full stop.

and the humidity does not help either
am making it in the middle of noon
hence the runny frosting
yes. i skipped lunch. my kids have to eat-out
just because of this bloody-cake

but hey! i enjoy making it!
the kids also love the batter
yes. they prefer the batter to the cake
i think i've mentioned that before

to the kids.. its a delicious blood (the batter. that is)
to me.. its the best cake i ever made
the most delicious cake i ever tasted

the aroma.. the color.. the taste..
everything in red velvet is special..
everything about red velvet is special..

i need to buy long serrated knife..
so that i can have more layers..

i'll bake this again
only for special occasion
cause its a special cake!!

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