Friday, January 15, 2010

the popovers

no. its not my 1st baking effort.
but this popovers excite us
one whole family. including makcik!
its so fun to watch them grow (in the oven-lah!)

found the recipe from felicia's blog (its a great site!)
you can read & see from her pictures
and understand what all the excitement is about :))

easy peasy to make

a blender or food processor will do.

  1. blend all the ingredients: 1C flour. 1C milk. 3eggs. 2tbs butter
  2. the batter might be sticky so make sure butter and milk is in the same room temperature
  3. you can sieve the batter if its lumpy. i just continued to whisk (lazy me!)
  4. pour the batter into muffin cup or muffin tray (without the cup also can do)
  5. bake at 220Celcius for 25mins
  6. reduce the temperature to 175Celcius and continue bake for another 15mins
  7. enjoy it with strawberry jem or honey or anything

my grumpy-froggy looking popovers

its lite.

its airy.

its wonderful!

kiddos like it. mummy like it more than kiddos.
definitely will make it again.
maybe for breakfast??
will try the recipe from here

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