Friday, January 22, 2010

double chocolate chunk muffins


no-fail muffin!

it looks good
as good as no-fail muffin :)

the recipe is from here
yes. i am her fan

but i was skeptical
can chocolate & cinnamon be friend?
and what is a golden caster sugar???

i proceeded with a hunch

its a success that comes with a failure
sad.. so sad..
and i'm almost grieving..

say no more
i'm grieving!
(by the way my friend gave 3/10 for the taste)

lesson learnt:
1. do not bake with negative thought. the negative aura will flow into your creation. and failure will be born!
2. take time to study the ingredients.
3. never give up! no. am not giving up but i won't do this muffin again. definitely!

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