Thursday, January 28, 2010

marble bread

its been hectic at the office
ive been busy + tired

but my mind keep on chanting
bake.. bake.. bake..
cake.. cake.. cake..
bread.. bread.. bread..

i am going nuts over baking!

after 3 sleep-less days
i just couldn't take it anymore

after a short nap after dinner
i gathered my energy

hello? yes??
owh! the oven called me!!!

i made this marble bread
specially for my 1.2yo baby
yes. i fed her with cakes & bread
she is my true fan. one & only fan.

now only i know..
the english ppl call it teacake
to me and to us, malaysian
it is kek mamak
another kind of kek mamak is this pound cake

the mamaks used to sell it
at their shop
and on their bike ~ mamak roti
in slices.. sealed in plastic
but i think they use margarine
coz their cakes are very oily :(
definitely not my fav.

soft. fluffy. irresistible!
it has become one of my fav :p

why does this so called teacake is always lebelled as quickbread??

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