Sunday, January 31, 2010

chocolate almond biscotti

it goes as planned..
making biscotti @mak's home

but mak's oven is a total stranger to me

i use ms. jaworski's recipe
as usual..
it never failed me

but the oven is not being friendly with me :(

the 8min's almond toast
looks like it has been toasted forever!

and i regret using grinder to chop the almonds
silly me! or should i say.. how dumb??
grinder is for grinding!
you chop with chopper or knife.
ok. lesson learnt.

i suppose making biscotti is easy
except for the sticky batter
which could be tricky!

and the credit should go to mr.joe as well
for his step-by-step photos

i suppose this is the only recipe
i would prefer no-chocolate
apart from the mistakes made
apart from the unfriendly oven
i think my biscotti can sell

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