Sunday, January 24, 2010

the tools

when i want to start baking
i knew i had to have these:

1. measuring spoon
2. measuring cup for liquid
3. kitchen scale
4. mixer
5. cake pan
6. whisker
7. wooden laddle

as i go on..
i bought these as well:

8. rubber spatula
9. measuring cups for dry ingredient
10. single-handed stainless steel flour sifter
11. springform pan
12. muffin pan
13. rolling pin
14. cooling rack

i suppose all the above is essential baking tools..
for baking cakes & muffins. that is.

just found this and this useful link on essential baking tools

and now..
i want to take my journey further

i suppose i need more than the above
or.. am i being greedy??

p/s: just finished watching julie&julia. am totally inspired!

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