Wednesday, July 13, 2011

beautiful rainbow cake

no. i didnt do this cake by myself.
it was done by my 2nd (or isit 3rd or 4th?) cousin
and ordered by my mak for my 3Xth birthday yesterday :)
thank you so much mak!!!
i love you so much!!!!!!!!!

this delish cake is really soft and moist and creamy tapi dijamin tak muak!
i think because it is frosted with cream cheese instead of buttercream

for ordering, check out delish-moments.blogspot
or click like in their facebook page
their work is so neat & tidy!
and i love their cake since it has a homemade taste ;)
(of course la sbb buat kat rumah :p)

the writing ontop of the cake melekat kat kotak..
sbb transport merata2 sblm sampai kat tuanpunya :|


una said...

like! like! like! bday i nti nak mintak mak oder kek ni gak leh dak? ;p

lemongrass said...

Happy birthday June. Hope you had a blost of a day semalam with the yummy looking rainbow cake and surely dreaming of rainbows jugak kan ;-).
Best nya lah kalau ada orang yg nak tempah kan kek rainbow tu on my bday kan, hehehe...

mrs plain-june said...

una.. boleh.. forward ja request kat mak :D

kak LG.. thank you for the wish. yesterday was quite hectic in the office.. and back home.. i just cook mee maggi upon request from the children :p. not really a colorful birthday i must say but alhamdulillah.. bersyukur atas segala kurniaan Allah..

zarin said...

happy birthday....
tinggggggiiiiinya cake tuuuuuuu ;-)

luvmum said...

kak ju...moga kak ju murah rezeki dirahmati slalu..kek adalah marbeless sungguh..menawan ati...

Awesomely Delicious said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry ya writing lekat kat kotak.. kena cari kotak yang lebih tinggi la nampaknya..

mrs plain-june said...

thank u intan! rasanya writing tu melekat sbb cik abe tu bawak p merata2 sblm sampai rumah.. nway, no big deal. janji sedappppp & yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mrs plain-june said...

Thank u zarin, thank u yani :)

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