Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lemon chiffon cake 2

my intention was to bake this
for tomorrow's breakfast

but dear daughter asked:
"can you bake yesterday's cake?"

since i have made a pledge to myself:
if the bakes turns out OK
try another recipe..
no twice bake of same recipe

since i have set my eyes
on this recipe..
which calls for 10inch tube pan
i am all geared up for it!

the children didnt fancy the icing
they prefer to have it on its own

i added 1tbs of lemon juice in 3/4cup of water

the cake is almost light & airy (compared to previous bake)
but a bit bland.. to taste.
the lemon makes it special
but not that outstanding..

if, dear daughter asked for this cake again..
i will just doubled up the previous recipe


pretty wifey said...

deeply in love with everything that u bake...
I believe you've greatly inspired every housewife out there!

mrs plain-june said...

hullo there! u're too kind dear.. malu i! saya budak baru belajar.. wanna be really inspired? watch julie&julia.. ;)
btw, thanks for stopping by :)

pretty wifey said...

aight, noted! already bought julie&julia, tapi xsempat qa&qc, dh kirim for kak fauwizah. hehe.

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