Wednesday, March 31, 2010

apricot bar

the apricot jem is meant for the swiss roll/ roulade
yep! i made the roulade.. i made the apricot jem
but it was not to my liking

the recipe from this big book
is the answer on how to use up the apricot jem
well, the jem recipe is from the same book as well

  • 3oz flour
  • 3.5oz brown sugar
  • 3oz butter
  • apricot jem
  • 2tsp corn flour
  • 2.5oz sugar
  • 2oz chopped walnut
  1. preheat oven to 175C and line 8inch square tin <-- i use 9inch springform pan so, i actually increase a bit the flour, brown sugar and butter amount.
  2. combine flour, brown sugar and butter and mix with fingertips until it resembles a breadcrumb.
  3. transfer the not so dough-y dough to pan and pat it into the pan base with your fingertips
  4. bake for 15mins. let it cool.
  5. prepare apricot jem or you can use readymade (sugar might not be needed at all)
  6. combine apricot jem with corn flour and sugar
  7. the consistency should be quite thick & not liquefying
  8. sprinkle the chopped walnut on top
  9. bake for another 20mins
  10. let it cool in the tin before cutting into bars
still.. not to my liking. i suppose i can eat dried apricots only. other than that.. my tongue sends a signal to my brain "taste = funny"
but my colleagues love it!
maybe because its different from other bars/ biscuit??

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