Wednesday, March 17, 2010

halal classic tiramisu

its listed under my to-bake list
i should've taken out from that list
since no baking required!

i made my 1st tiramisu last nite
i am determined..
to make the best tiramisu i ever taste
i've set my mind..
this "pick-me-up" dessert
shall make me wanna have it again & again
as the name suggest!

there are quite a few version.. & recipes..
i summarize it into 2:
1. classic tiramisu
2. simple tiramisu

since the ingredients are expensive
  1. savoiardi - about rm28 per pack (44 fingers) isit really rm28??
  2. mascarpone cheese - rm26.90 per tub of 250gm <-- i use 2tubs
  3. whipping cream - rm7.90 for 200ml (not even 1cup!)
i said to miself..
why not make the grandeurs one??
i adapted the recipe from CFE

and i couldnt remember where i got the info
to replace the marsala wine with
1tsp of vanilla + 1tsp of almond extract

how i wish i couldve turn back time
how i wish i didnt come across the replacement of wine..
how i wish i couldve just opt out the wine altogether

because the almond extract makes it taste weird!
my classic tiramisu taste & smells like a medicine!
and it has a new name: TIRAMUSUK!

apart from the weird taste
i suppose this dessert is quite tasty
ayat pujuk diri seniri nih?? :p


Sha said...

katne beli finger tu? tengok kat shah alam kedai barang kek tu, rasanya tak sampai rm28. nway, takpe2, now we've learnt a lesson kan, kalau tak, tak tau :D

mrs plain-june said...

ha.. tu la sha.. lupa ekceli brp rega dia.. 18 ka 28? hehe.. bli kat bagus.

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