Friday, March 5, 2010

coffee cake

about two months ago..
when i was not actively baking (yet)
my little boy would follow his father
everywhere he go
every single time he went out of the front door
he would ask: "abah! can i follow you?"

as for current situation..
when my baking frequency is high
when the father ask "would you like to follow me?"
the son would say "no. i dont want"
later on he would pester me..
"umi. come. let us make a cake"

last night, we made this coffee cake
& the little boy helped a lot!
taking out the mixer..
measuring the walnut..
pouring in the sugar..
always on standby mode - by the mixer. that is.

the texture is so soft! so tender! so fluffy!
the cake is easily ruptured & disintegrated
but it was one of the most delicious cake!!

the crunchy streusel (sprinkle)
makes it amazingly delicious
the sour cream added
makes it soft & rich

my non-cake-eating (is there such word?) husband
can finish a slice in one sitting!
he never finish a piece of cake
not even Secret Recipe's!

a compliment from mr.husband: "sedapla kek umi!"
thank you dear.. you made me smile in sleep
thank you to ms.jaworski.. for the great recipe
thank you dear son.. its a labor of love..

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