Saturday, March 6, 2010

(not)hershey best brownie

i was longing for tiramisu..
but the mascarpone cheese is not in stock
not even in tesco. not even in bagus bakery!
they inform me they'll have it by monday
there goes my tiramisu plan for this weekend

i was longing for monkey bread..
nope! never eat it before.. never stumbled into it before..
its funny shape just keep flashing in my mind
but the time taken for the yeast to raise is too long
so, there goes my monkey bread :(

the fridge need to be filled up
the kids will say theres nothing to eat
so, at 9pm.. mommy whipped this brownie up

its been quite some time since i last baked a brownie
i forgot how easy it is!
i forgot how tasty it is!

i doubled the recipe since i use a bigger baking pan
& the baking time is increased to 30mins
as for the frosting..
i use the balance from black magic cake ganache

btw, the name is (not)hershey since i use normal cocoa powder
normal here means inexpensive store bought (title: bagus bakery)

who needs a verdict of the best brownie?
its already the best!

on another thought..
maybe below pic can be a verdict:

the little girl kept looking for more!
but then, she might be biased
because she's my loyal customer :p

her big brother also cannot stop eating it!
he kept saying "sedapla umi buat kek ni!"
but then, he is a true-chocolate lover :D

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