Saturday, March 13, 2010

lemon bars

its a good thing i grab it
it = the last pack of lemon
it occurred last weekend, in tesco
just couldnt help it!

i normally bought 1 or 2pcs only
twas rm2.50 each!
in tesco, its rm2.50 for a pack of 5!
its a good bargain! nope!
its a damn great bargain!

since yesterday,
i craved for something sour-y
since i couldnt finish a slice of choc cake,
i craved for something lemon-y
am i preggy again?
geez.. i have no idea!

its a good timing for lemon bars
the step-by-step recipe from CFE
looks tempting! &sounds great!
but i dont have a food processor :(
and am not in the mood for ad/ventures
i just proceed with the recipe from smitten kitchen

thanks to both blog owners (CFE & SK)
for being my source of recipes
for being my source of inspiration

i just couldnt wait for the bar to cool off..
am eager to taste it
once i popped it into my mouth..
its like a deja vu..
it feels like am tranported back to the 80s..
and eating/ suckling the hi-sour sweets..
for the first time!

pic credit to

sad to say, am not really fond of it
its sourness is over the roof!
i can feel it bursting in my mouth!
suits me well! hahah!
and the base/ shortbread is not crusty enough

i had a feeling that i should've keep the dough in the fridge before dumping it into the baking pan
i had a feeling i should've refrigerate the dough more than 1hr rather than 30mins
i shouldve learn to trust my feeling
i shouldve known that my sixsense is rarely wrong!

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