Wednesday, March 3, 2010

black magic cake

i couldnt remember the 1st blog i found
citing & praising for this recipe
so, as an ode to the blog owner
(i promise i'll put your link)
i preserve the name:
black magic cake

i found out the same recipe is also listed in hershey's web:
eh,wait! ms.rima also mentioned that the origin of this recipe is from HERSHEY!
hah! silly me!

as for my cake..
i should just stick to black magic cake name
since i didnt use hershey's cocoa

can anyone tell me why the cake is dented in the center?

as for the ganache (frosting/glaze)..
i referred to my favorite webpage:!
with a little twist though..
i added 1tsp of vanilla
& 1tbs of golden syrup

i covered the dent with ganache & let it sit for few hours in fridge
(i overslept actually :p)
continued to pour the ganache 1st thing in the morning
(gotta heat it up in microwave 1st!)

am actually baking it for friend's daughter's birthday
nope! am not taking orders!!!
but i just couldnt let my preggie-friend down..
lets just hope the birthday girl will like it..

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