Thursday, March 18, 2010

whole wheat banana nut bread

i am desperate
nope. am not a desperate housewife!
just a desperate baker.. :(

i need to bake something
that will turn out good
i need to bake something
that will soothe my heartbreak

ive been eye-ing this recipe for quite sometime
ive been waiting for the banana to be more riper
but there are too many banana-fans at home!
they are gone before i can smell them!

last nite i sent half of the banana-fans to mom's
another half will definitely sleep through the morning
yay! the balance, two bananas, are all mine!
silly-selfish mommy :p

this morning.. i woke up with 1 aim.. 1 goal..
(definitely not 1Malaysia-lah!)
the 1 aim: to bake this healthy quickbread
the 1 goal: to make me feel good again!

the preparation is very fast & easy
it took me about 20mins or less
the baking time is a bit time-consuming
it took 60mins plus 5mins

i added 1/2cup of raisins and 1/2tsp of cinnamon powder

i am feeling so damn GOOD..
i am so PLEASED with myself..

this rich, moist & deliciously healthy recipe
is definitely a keeper!

mission accomplised.

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