Friday, March 12, 2010

the swiss roll saga

i made my 1st swiss roll last friday
i still havent got a mood to update until today
my immediate boss passed away on sunday

am still in shocking state
am still in grieving mode
am still in sad emotion

even though i know..
everyone is going to die
even though i know..
we will never know when is our time..

may Allah bless you prof!

i made 4 swissrolls actually
with 4 various recipes
and 3 different fillings

the 1st two recipe is listed under low-fat bakes
taken from my baking-encyclopedia
i sent those two to the orphanage
i didnt snap a pic b4 sending the off :(

the 3rd & 4th swissroll batter are adapted
from happyhomebaking & auntyyochana
both recipe are quite similar
except that auntyyochana utilise cornoil
rather than melted butter

for 3rd swissroll.. i only use strawberry jam as the filling

for 4th swissroll.. i just beat 250ml whipped cream till stiff

keep the rolls in fridge before you cut them

i suppose am successful in making the batter deflate!
the cake doesnt turn out as nice :(
but thankfully, the taste is quite good
ok. its not that good. just ok.
will it taste better if the batter does not deflate??
i wonder..

i must say i prefer the 3rd & 4th cake
so, i suppose the link above is satisfactory
there's no need to jot the unsatisfactory (so-called)low-fat bakes recipe isit?

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