Friday, April 2, 2010

black forest cake

i just gotta write it down..
the reason.. why my goal is not achieved
goal: to learn how to frost a cake from nusra

nusra is engaged
and she stays far away from her fiancee
hence, when they have the chance to meet
i can only dream of my goal

and here is the result of my artistic hand

my mother in law calls it..
the eruption of a volcano

i have no interest to use sponge cake
sponge cake is too err..
yes! too boring for me (eksen betui!)

recipe from sounds interesting!
i just love buttermilk's magic!

frosting: 1cup of heavy cream --> whip till soft peak formed
filling: 1can of sweet cherry in dark syrup --> heat with 2tbs of corn flour to thicken the syrup

dont judge the book by its cover!
apart from the runny & disastrous frosting..
its marvelous!!
thanks to jenny for the moist cake recipe..

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