Wednesday, April 7, 2010

japanese cotton soft cheesecake

the above picture is a replica of a volcano

hah.. its good to be able to laugh at yourself!

i pestered my husband to buy eggs..
just because i was itching to make

i read from the above link (
that you have to leave it for 50mins in the oven
i left for more than 5hours!!
(it was way past 11pm.. my sleeping time..)
hence the shrinky-ness..
and another reason found from here
the oven door.. it is shut. close. tight.
i didnt hear my cake screaming for help!
my cake is suffocating..
pity you dear..
am so sorry..

i am still wondering..
the reason for my cake's invisible layer
you cannot see the layer
but you can taste it!
the upper part is soft, light & sweet
the lower part is heavy & cheesy!
is it because i took so much time to prepare the waterbath?
yep. the cake is already in the oven..
and i use my 2C measuring cup + 2big mugs
and i made 3 trips!
orang budus yg rajin :p

i will definitely try it again..
with these few notes in mind:
  1. oh! oh! i found another mistake! i did feel something is not right when i double-boiled everything: milk, cream cheese, butter & egg yolks! hah! the egg yolks were almost cooked! kuikuikui.. oh! maybe that is the reason for the invisible layer??
  2. preheat the oven earlier.. i preheated only 5mins before the cake goes in.
  3. leave the oven door ajar after it is baked/ brown atop ~ abt 30mis is enough i suppose? our current room temperature is so very high and the cake wont get its shock of lifetime :p
  4. remove the cake from the pan once it is outta oven (after 30mins of relax)
  5. hmm.. what else? owh! i will prepare my hot water in bigger volume so that i'll be done with 1 trip only :D
  6. mental note: need to buy grease paper & aluminum foil. meanwhile.. i might use normal cake pan. i can get rid of the foil. grease the pan with butter & dust with flour.. sep duit!
if i sliced off the lower part..
it will taste just like store-bought!
hehe.. hantam sajala labuuuuuu.....


dell said...

sedap wehs nak lagi!!

mrs plain-june said...

akak buat 1st may okekah?

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